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Indy's Creativity Shop


Our Creativity Shop intend to protect mother nature by making art and craft using recycle materials in a customized form to meet different customer needs. Besides we also decorate home for festivals based on the customer needs. We post creative ideas in the blog page and Our Gallery of items has hand made crafts that is made from recycle materials.

If you don’t have time to do decoration and enhancement to your homes, please let us know we will take care of it.
We are focusing more on recycling the things you have to make new craft and decorative items instead asking you for a big budget of money. You don’t have to spend Big money to have a Big Look.

We do decorations with affordable price, we also make customize decorative for parties and holidays to meet your specific need.

We are located in Indianapolis; we welcome Indy people to invite us to enhance their home's look, with our creative decorative ideas.

If you reside outside our location or you want to DIY, don't worry, you can send us the picture of your space, we can provide some suggestions and give you some ideas which you can try it yourself. The suggestions are given free, if you choose to incorporate our design ideas with product of Indy's Creativity Shop you just need to pay for the product alone.

 Note: We don't do Architectural changes, Electrical repairs or plumbing.

We Design or Decorate your interior and exterior based on your needs.

                                              We Repair Jewelry  and Re-Purpose it as Well. 



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